Supply Chain.

Risk Management for Third-Party Vendors

Managing both privacy and cybersecurity risks associated with third-party service providers is quickly becoming an industry standard, and is now specified in most modern regulatory and statutory requirements, as well as many contracts for private-parties.

Practical Approaches.

To Supply Chain Risk Management

Security incidents and data breaches are often associated with third-party vendors and that reflects poorly on the company that hired them. Blame falls on the company they entrusted their data to, not the outsourced service provider.

Outsourced services and third-party vendors expose your organization to certain forms of risk, and are considered a vital area in need of careful scrutiny to avoid malicious activity that could compromise your secure data.

A well developed Supply Chain Risk Management focuses on the security concerns that arise from using different types of Third-Party Service Providers, and gives practical solutions to help mitigate or eliminate that risk.